Shanghai Free Trade Zone unveils a new chapter in history The State Council issued the "Overall Plan for the Lingang New Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone"


  Beijing Broadcasting Network, Beijing, August 7 (Reporter Chai Hua) According to the China Radio and Television General Taiwan Voice of China, "News Horizon" reported that yesterday (6th) afternoon, the State Council issued the "China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Lingang New Film The overall plan of the district (hereinafter referred to as the “overall plan”) discloses the construction plan of the new district. The "Overall Plan" clarifies the development goals. By 2025, the new area will establish a relatively mature investment and trade liberalization and facilitation system, and create a number of more open and functional platforms. The regional creativity and competitiveness will be significantly enhanced. The strength and economic aggregate have jumped sharply. In the planned area of 119.5 square kilometers, where is the new area “new”? How will we continue to promote China's opening up and trade and investment facilitation? After the publication of the "Overall Plan", the State Council held a press conference to explain in detail the relevant situation of the "Overall Plan".

Positioning high, the new system of Lingang, the innovation of the system

  Compared with other districts in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, what is the difference between the new districts in Lingang? Wang Fuwen, deputy minister of the Ministry of Commerce and deputy representative of international trade negotiations, said at the press conference of the State New Office that the "Overall Plan" consists of five parts, reflecting the requirements of adhering to the implementation of high-quality development, adhering to the high standards of benchmarking, and adhering to risks. The prevention and control is the bottom line and other three characteristics, and there are many innovations and improvements in the system design.

  Wang Shouwen further stated that the new area of Lingang emphasized the need to create a “special economic function zone with more international market influence and competitiveness”. By accelerating the establishment of an institutional system that is linked to internationally accepted rules, higher development standards are proposed for the reform pilot content. Therefore, its first innovation is reflected in a higher positioning and more clear. The Lingang New Area further emphasizes the service and integration into the Yangtze River Delta integration development strategy, and its strategic tasks are also more abundant. In terms of supervision methods, the Lingang New Area will construct the Yangshan Special Comprehensive Bonded Zone as a new type of special customs supervision area and a useful exploration to promote the integrated development of the domestic and foreign markets.

  Chen Hao, member of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal Committee and executive deputy mayor, made it clear that the addition of new districts is not a simple expansion of the original free trade pilot zone, nor is it a simple existing policy shift, but an all-round, in-depth and fundamental institutional innovation. change. He said: First, we must comprehensively deepen opening up and increase the pressure on the open economy. In the implementation of open policies and systems with strong international market competitiveness, we will boldly carry out differentiated exploration and push forward all-round high-level opening up with greater efforts. Second, we must focus on strengthening economic functions, and gather key technologies and technologies for the development of integrated circuits, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, aerospace and other high-quality industries in China, and expand the international market service capabilities in the financial, trade, shipping and headquarters economies. Overall upgrade the frontier technology industry energy level. The third is to accelerate the transformation and development of kinetic energy, lay a solid foundation for long-term development, and make the new area an important carrier for China's deep integration into economic globalization.

New sections, careful planning and implementation

  According to the "Overall Plan", a new area will be set up in the south of Dazhi River in Shanghai, east of Jinhui Port, and Xiaoyangshan Island and the south side of Pudong International Airport. In accordance with the principle of “overall planning and step-by-step implementation”, Nanhui New City, Lingang Equipment Industrial Zone, Xiaoyangshan Island and Pudong Airport South Side will be launched first, with an area of 119.5 square kilometers. Chen Wei introduced that the location of the new district has fully taken into account the multiple requirements for carrying the national strategy and the development of emerging industries, the improvement of international transportation conditions, and the implementation of risk prevention and control measures.

  Chen Wei said that the transportation conditions in the region are very advantageous. There are the port Yangshan deep-water port, the airport Pudong International Airport, the railway, the expressway, the rail transit, and the high-grade inland waterway. It is the most comprehensive transportation condition in the same region in the world. . There are special customs supervision areas in the area, as well as industrial parks such as equipment manufacturing, R&D innovation and financial services. It has a good industrial base and supporting conditions, which is conducive to better and faster implementation of the policy system. At the same time, this area also has urban functions, supporting high-quality resources such as education, medical care, culture, entertainment, and living services. It is a new city that is suitable for living and working.

  After the initial plan and site selection, the implementation of the plan has also been carried out intensively. Chen Wei said that Shanghai has refined the various tasks of the "Overall Plan" into 78 categories of three major categories, which will promote major reform initiatives to be piloted in the new area. Chen Yi said: "The first is a clear policy for the overall plan. 23 operational rules will be formulated, such as overseas talent practice and corporate income tax policies in key areas, which will directly promote the implementation of 15 policies through specific project methods. Second, 35 implementation plans will be formulated for the overall innovation plan, such as The implementation plan of the Customs Special Comprehensive Bonded Zone, etc. The third is to formulate five medium- and long-term comprehensive plans for the regional functions defined by the overall plan. At present, Shanghai has completed the preparation of new district management measures, special support policies, and government service plans. It will promote major reform initiatives to be piloted in the new area, and major projects that are in line with the new industry positioning will be given priority in the new area."

New policy, a large number of "special policies" will be launched

  In the "Overall Plan", the establishment of an institutional system with investment and trade liberalization as the core is an important link. The program requires that, based on the various open innovation measures in the free trade pilot zone, the new zone will be supported with the focus on investment freedom, trade freedom, freedom of funds, freedom of transportation, and freedom of personnel to promote the liberalization and facilitation of investment trade. Chen Wei said that the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have studied and formulated special policies to support the construction of new areas within the scope of local affairs. Chen Yu further said that the special support policy for new districts formulated by Shanghai mainly focuses on management authority, financial support, talent attraction, land planning, housing security, etc. Many policies are still relatively large. For example, it gives the new district greater autonomy in reform. For example, in creating a more attractive talent development environment, the focus is on attracting talents from all over the country and internationally. A total of 12 policies have been proposed, including the reduction of the number of talents in the transfer from the original 7 years to 5 years. The core talents were further shortened to three years. In addition, in terms of funds, Shanghai will set up a special development fund for the new district, with a total investment of not less than 100 billion yuan in five years.

  In the highly regarded innovation of the financial system, Wang Xin, director of the Research Bureau of the People's Bank of China, said that the central bank had previously conducted a number of overseas loans, two-way funds pool, foreign exchange management reform, free trade accounts, and cross-border funds monitoring. The innovation of regulatory model has carried out beneficial exploration in the free trade zone. For the establishment of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Lingang New Area, finance should play a more active role.

  Next, in the new area of Lingang, we will try to open a more open, more convenient and more liberal financial policy and create a new highland for financial openness and innovation. Specifically, the first is to further enhance the level of facilitation of trade and investment. The second is to promote the various financial open innovation measures in an orderly manner, effectively stimulating market vitality. The third is to further improve the financial rule of law environment and optimize the business environment. Some time ago, the Financial Commission issued 11 open measures. The Shanghai Municipal Government will support relevant financial opening measures and give priority to the new area of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

Source: Yangguang Network